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Social WiFi Marketing

"Comfort zone to you and your business is currently nice place but there no business has ever been developed”- CEOs

How did THE Social WiFi ensue:
You talked, we listened.

Today in conditions of strong competition, facing more or less the same challenges, how to generate more clients and build network of loyal customers, most local business owners are looking for innovative and effective marketing and sales tools that will improve their business.

We have all witnessed rapid technological changes in the world. In parallel, the same trend is maintained when it comes to human needs. Business owners in these circumstances, are questioning conventional methods of advertising because customers are less responsive to them. Previous methods such as printing leaflets, advertisements through printed and video media, and the use of expensive online promotions by engaging different marketing agencies, have proven to be less effective. Therefore it requires an increasing need to message customers with personalized marketing messages, but that is not possible without obtaining detailed data about it's users.

This factual situation has led our team to think in the direction of development of new services and offer unique and modern tool that will meet the sophisticated demands of today's businesses, which will also be accessible in terms of price, easy to use and effective in delivering visible results. That's why Social WiFi presents fantastic and required addition in work of most entrepreneurs all over the world.


your venue

Your venue that uses Social WiFi service


visitors daily

Average daily number of visitors per venue


friends per visitor

By research, an average user has 200 facebook friends


potential followers daily that have heard of you

Your venue or brand without your occupation get to their friends by their likes and shares



We imagine the world where every person can connect with any place, anywhere and any time, with wireless technology. We believe and dream about a world where that network can give us intelligent informations in real time.


Our mission is helping entrepreneurs and local business owners to understand how they can get new clients faster and easier, build their network of loyal customers, increase selling, so they can be more successful and more profitable in their business.


The main goal of Social WiFi is to, by system implementation make first 100 partners satisfied in the World, until 2018, in it's first year of working to get the increasing revenues by minimum 30%


  • With Social WiFi your business can only grow
  • Promoting and marketing your business is cheaper and more effective
  • With our cloud management software, providing wifi service in your venue is more simple
  • Thanks to amazon web servers, your wifi network is reliable, safe and protected

Why Free Wifi is important?


of Mobile Consumers make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi


of Mobile Consumers are influenced by the availability of in store Wi-Fi


of Mobile Consumers use the Internet wirelessly on a smartphone, tablet or laptop


of Mobile Consumers said that free WI-FI is important for their choice of where to buy, eat, drink and sleep.


Reason why the Social WiFi Team is the best in this industry is mainly due to the dedicated people being never tired in the providing the extraordinary results to their customers. People responsible for this project to be realized are:


Vladimir Sladojevic
Co-Founder & CEO


Miodrag Stojcevski
Co-Founder & CMO

What customers Say About Us

  • Like many, I've used traditional methods of advertising until now, printed leaflets and advertised myself on local radio stations, just to increase the number of orders and get to the higher number of customers. When I first learned about Social WiFi concept, I can clearly say that I was pretty sceptical in the beginning, but thanks to their flexible approach and free try period of using it, soon I was convinced, because visible results have come after only a few days. Most of us have doubts about new things which is understandable, because we always kind of forget that all those who reached success in new things, were a lot better than their competitors. Just like the old Chinese saying says, and I will add a little something, "The first best time to get Social WiFi was yesterday, the second is the time right now." I strongly recommend Social WiFi team!


    Michelle Abraham

    CEO, Little Italy

  • My collaboration with people from Social WiFi isn't a coincidence. I have the privilegy to work on different projects with them for a couple of years now and I am always delighted with their good creative ideas and innovative solutions. And in this case, nothing was any different, Social WiFi is an amazing project because, now I am able to anywhere and anytime, centrally manage my wifi network at a couple of locations in the town and I also have a detailed overview like I've never had.


    Ana Zrinic

    CEO, Sensei Sushi Bar

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